Ditch Your Desk Day

Many children in Africa cannot go to school let alone have the luxury of a desk to work at. Open Schools Worldwide provides basic education to these Street Children, Garbage Scavengers, Orphans, and Working Children. Here is an awesome way to say thank you for all the luxuries you take for granted and help children in Africa learn at the same time!


Ask your teacher if you can hold a “Ditch Your Desk Day” to raise funds for Open Schools Worldwide. Each student brings in $5 (or whatever you decide is appropriate) to ditch their desk for the day and sit on the floor instead. Open Schools Worldwide will use the money you raise to buy chalk boards, lapdesks, and other items for children who learn through our “School in a Bag” program.

Click HERE to obtain your  certificate for taking part in the the day. Click on new link and PRINT on an A4 or letter size page or card. Cut along the solid lines and fold on the dotted lines to make a certificate for each student who participates. Each page you print makes 3 certificates.

“I’ve ditched my desk today to help a needy child learn”

Please let us know if you are holding a “Ditch your Desk Day” by emailing info@osww.org. Click HERE to find where to send any funds you raise.

"DITCH YOUR DESK DAY" See how students are actually ditching their desks for a day so that needy children who cannot attend school can learn!