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Prayer Requests for October 2015

1. Praise God for the full recovery of Dorian’s health and pray for energy for im as he has a heavy workload.

2. Pray that we may be able to recruit someone to assist Dorian in Cape Town.

3. Continue to pray for the OSWW team in Southern Africa. Dorian, Mitch, Carol, Paulette and Vidah.

4. Pray for Dorian and Bobby Maynard in Kenya 7-16 October on  for the development and training of a new project in a Nairobi slum.

5. Give thanks that Open Schools Worldwide (Northern Ireland) has been recognised as a charity by the Charity Commission. This will enable us to apply for funding and tax benefits.

6. Pray for wisdom for the OSWW South African Board as they lead the work in Southern Africa and meet at the end of October.

7. Alan McIlhenny travels to South Africa and Zimbabwe 19 October – 9 November. Pray for wisdom and good outcomes during meetings with the OSWW staff team, partners, accountant, and the OSWW SA Board.






See how students are actually renting their desks for a day so that children in Africa can have a desk of their own