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Prayer Requests for July & August 2016


Life continues to be very difficult for many in this needy country. Gives thanks for the wonderful group of volunteers who were trained in May at the OSWW Church on a rubbish dump near Bulawayo. Most of these volunteers survive by scavenging on the dump themselves. Pray that they will stay save and well and that we will be able to deliver the materials they need to serve the many children not able to attend school.

Due to the situation in Zimbabwe, Mitch and Carol had to leave the country temporarily. Pray that they will be able to return sometime in the week beginning 17th July. Please also pray for our projects in Binga and other parts of the country, Mitch and Carol have been unable to support them in recent weeks.


Praise God for the growth of the OSWW project serving children in Makuru Slum, Nairobi. They have requested more materials to enable them to teach the growing number of out-of-school children they have found in the slum.


Give thanks for the successful AGM of our South African Board held in May. Pray for wisdom and vision for our new chairman, Vivian Subramoney, and the members as they seek to support the ministry of our African staff team. 

Praise God for the opportunity to serve the Ovambo people in Vingerkraal and for the meetings with pastors to increase our work in Hammerskraal.


Give thanks for our team time together in May. It was a wonderful time together in reflection, worship and prayer. Pray that we will be able to use the training we received to help us become more efficient and effective.

Monique has now settled well into the staff team. Give thanks for her enthusiastic love for the Lord which is evident in all she does.

Dorian is taking a well earned rest in early August. Pray that Dorian and his wife Claudine will be able to relax and be refreshed by their break.


In June, Alan, Dorian and Monique met with a small team of writers to start work on updating and expanding our youth life-skills curriculum to complement our Route 86:11 Board Game – Pray for the team members as they work individually on the tasks they have accepted and that when we next meet in September we will produce an effective tool to teach Bible centred life skills to teenagers.


See how students are actually renting their desks for a day so that children in Africa can have a desk of their own