Prayer Requests for November and December 2016


Thank you for praying for the International Council of OSWW which met 26 September – 1 October in South Africa. Give thanks for the very successful and encouraging time the Council had together. Please pray for the members as they follow up on the decisions and promises they made during the meeting.
Pray also for the Southern Africa board which meets on Friday 11th November as they make decisions for the future.


Over the last few months a small team in Cape Town has been working on a youth curriculum to accompany our life skills board game (Route 86:11). The team learned much from the initial testing of this material in Lesotho. Pray that they will soon be able to complete their work and that the curriculum can be used to help young people.

Zimbabwe and Zambia:

Alan, Dorian and Phil Peters are travelling with Mitch and Carol from 12th – 18th November. Pray for safety on the road and in the air. The need in these countries is overwhelming. In Zambia over 800 children are attending OSWW programs; we had planned for 200! Pray for funding as we seek to serve children who are desperate to learn. Pray for our volunteers as they cope with the large numbers and try to show God’s love in difficult circumstances.
South Africa:

Pray for Alan and Dorian as they work (18-28 November) together on plans and budgets for next year. Pray that they will be guided by the Holy Spirit.

Staff and Volunteers:

Give thanks that we have been able to appoint an Assistant Director for Africa to bring much needed help to our small staff team. Pray for Angie Pape as she takes on this challenging and exciting role. Pray for the increase in funding we need to support Angie and reach more children.

Our staff and volunteers have had a very busy year. Give thanks for all they have achieved in the Lord’s name. Pray that as the year draws to a close our volunteers will discern God’s purpose for their lives and their communities, and that they would see the impact of change that they have helped bring to the children they have served. Pray that the staff and volunteers will have a renewed sense of commitment as they enjoy some well earned rest.


Please pray for the children over the holiday break. This is a time when many of them are more vulnerable to abuse, crime and trafficking.




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