Prayer Requests for February/March 2016

1.  We welcomed Monique, our new Operations Manager in January; please pray for Monique, Dorian and his wife Claudine as they visit projects in Johannesburg and Limpopo  15th-25th February. Pray for safety on the road and that the visits will help Monique become more familiar with the ministry of OSWW and that our volunteers will be encouraged.
2.  Give thanks for new opportunities to minister through partnerships in the Cape Town area
        -  Gleemoor Community Advice Center are looking at using our material as part of their reading program at a local
        -  Fusion, based in one of the gangster ridden communities would like to start an after-school program
        -  Deeds of Love Ministry would like to train their gap year students.
Pray that the relationship with these organisations will strengthen and will enable us to serve more children.
3.  Give thanks that through are relationship with Heaven-on-Earth Project in Sir Lowry’s village outside Cape Town two new schools have been started. Praise God for his faithfulness.
4.  Give thanks that we have been able to fund a project working with children on a rubbish dump in Zimbabwe. Pray that the Lord will enable us to start work soon in two projects that need funding: Bushmen children in Zimbabwe and children in a remote area outside Livingstone in Zambia.
5.  Mitch and Carol are training volunteers in the Binga region of Zimbabwe 15-17 February. Pray for the volunteers that they will have energy and be inspired. Pray for safe travelling for Mitch and Carol on their long road journeys between Binga, Bulawayo and South Africa.
6. Give thanks that Mitch has the opportunity to study with the Haggai Institute in Hawaii in March; pray that he will be a blessing to others on the course and that he in turn will learn and be blessed.
7.  Pray for Alan as he shares the ministry of OSWW at a number of church services and events in February in Ireland. Pray that more people will be inspired to join us in our ministry by giving and praying.
8.   Pray that the Holy Spirit would continue to guide our every move.




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