Prayer Requests for February – March 2015

Please pray for:

Pray for our partners as they identify children to enrol in Open Schools, that they will find the children most in need of educational help. Pray that the children from last year who still need help will come back after the long summer break in Southern Africa.

Pray that our Audio support (MP3) recordings will be completed soon and put to good use by our volunteer tutors.

We need to reorganise our South African Board, pray that we find people with the skill and vision to guide and support our ministry in South

We get many requests for help; pray for wisdom and guidance as to which projects in Africa we need to accept and which ones needs to be put on hold.


 Give Thanks:

Praise God for his provision of our wonderful staff and volunteer team and give thanks for how He has sustained their ministry.

See how students are actually renting their desks for a day so that children in Africa can have a desk of their own